Alliance of Docter Optics and IDloop® GmbH

Docter Optics SE, 06.01.2022

January 6th, 2022 was a special day: The young and innovative start-up IDloop GmbH was founded. With signing the contract by CEO Martin Enenkel and Manageing Director Jörg Reinhold, we started our first adventure in 2022.

Docter Optics supports IDloop and its founder team as strategic and industrial partner for the market entry as well as the serial production of contactless 3D imaging systems for Biometrics.
Since many years Docter Optics core focus is on customized and complex optical systems for different markets such as Automotive, Medical Devices, Surveillance and Biometrics. Thus Docter Optics offers exceptional experiences in this special field of applications and looks forward to a long lasting partnership.

Let´s explore this future driven stage of biometrical measurements together.
Stay tuned for more!