EXPRESS is more than just a name at EGS in Triptis

Docter Optics SE, 17.03.2021

The Docter Optics Express Glass Services in Triptis produces raw glass materials of all geometries, sizes and quantities right through to small series in very short times.

On February 10, 2021, a machine fire and the associated production caused great excitement. Fire always poses a risk to life and limb and has a certain influence on ongoing production operations. Not only with us as manufacturers, but also at our customers.

Fortunately the fire did not result in personal injury. The resumption of production was carried out at full speed, customers were informed promptly and alternative delivery options were implemented. Thanks to the excellent interaction of all persons involved, it was possible to fully resume production after around 10 days.

A great achievement that shows once again: EXPRESS at Docter Optics is more than just a name.

At this point we would like to thank all customers and our partners once again for the support and trust they had given to us.