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Docter Optics supplies optics modules for analytical devices

Docter Optics SE, 09.07.2020

As a manufacturer of glass lens arrays, Docter Optics supplies optical components for analytical devices with which, among other things, CORONA rapid tests can be carried out.


Expansion of the Express Glass Services

Docter Optics SE, 31.07.2020

In 2020 Docter Optics now succeeds in offering glass blanks with a surface roughness of Rq <= 0.6 on the lateral surface of round parts or cylindrical surfaces in small series for the first time.


Recovery of the markets in Asia and NAFTA

Docter Optics SE, 02.09.2020

Overall, we perceive a very tense market situation in Europe. The markets in Asia and NAFTA seem to be slowly recovering.